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My works make no reference to objects of the physical world and the form “expresses nothing”. It seems to me that sometimes the form is most suggestive when it is dampened and allusive.

I am impressed by the paintings of the representatives of abstract art such as Bazin, Bissier, La Moli, Viera de Silva and the creation of an atmosphere through a perception of nature in the law of melody and harmony in a pure pictorial world. I am fascinated by Kiefer’s and Rothko’s compositions full of romantic lyricism and frigid logic.

Exhibitions include;
1991, ASP, Warsaw
1991, “ES” Gallery, Torun, Poland
1992, “Tumult” Gallery, Torun, 1st Prize
1995, ASP, Gdansk
1995, BWA Gallery, Sopot, Poland
1998, “Idea” Gallery, Athens, Greece
1999, “Sw. Jana” Gallery, Gdansk

Solo Exhibitions 2001, “Cotton Club” Gallery, Gdansk
2001, “Tannenheim” Gallery, Gdansk
2002, “Canaletto” Gallery, Warsaw
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